Simple tips for keeping well this winter

We’re all about helping you achieve and maintain good health. So, we thought we’d do a little whip around and get the team’s best tips on how to stay well now that the weather has turned and winter is here.


Prevention is better than a cure

Winter is commonly associated with ills and chills. We almost expect to get a runny nose and sore throat during the winter months but there are lots of little, sensible, everyday initiatives we can take to avoid succumbing to colds or the flu. There’s actually no big secret to good health advice; most of its common sense. Most of us intellectually know what’s best for us but mindfully putting it in to practise is usually where we fall short.


Keep up good hand hygiene

The pandemic made us all very conscious of where pathogens may be lurking, how we pick them up, and transmit them to others. Keep those good hand-washing and sanitising practises alive because common communicable diseases (like colds, flu and norovirus) are spread just the same way. Of course we recommend using Zoono because it not only eliminates the microbes but keeps on protecting for 24-hours thereafter (buy yours here).


Eat the rainbow

We all know that we need to eat our greens to support a healthy immune system, but can you try and get even more colours on your plate? Sorry but rainbow cake and bright candies do not count! We’re talking about naturally colourful fruits and vegetables.


Stay hydrated

Many of us know that we need to drink more water but it’s forming the habit that can hold us back. One of our team members ensures she’s taking on enough water by refilling her water bottle at least once over the course of the working day. Another team member makes sure she drinks two glasses of water at each meal. But remember hydration is relative too. While it’s generally agreed that adults need 6-8 glasses of water a day, if you’ve been exercising heavily or drinking alcohol that amount needs to increase.


Get out, stay active and social

Tempting as it may be to hibernate throughout winter, getting out and about, regardless of what the weather is doing, will help physical and mental health. Green space is an amazing stress reliver – just remember to rug up warm. And even better, invite a friend along to share it with you. Exercise doesn’t need to be strenuous, but it does need to be regular, to keep inflammation and chronic disease at bay.


We wish you all the very best for a warm and restorative winter. Look after yourself and the VIPs around you.