The power of green cleaning

When we say “green cleaning” do you think of a nice tidy up - maybe throwing around some baking soda and lemon - but not really tackling the grime? Well, it’s high time you challenged your thinking!

Accell Clean products, which include home and commercial products, are a premium example of real, effective green cleaners. They contain plant-based surfactants, complex proteins and NZ water. And that’s it. There are no nasty hidden additives and they've earned the green tick – but they work!

The fact that these cleaning products are low-toxin has made them popular with those with children or pets. But it’s the fact that they really work that keeps people coming back for more.

The green tick is the ultimate eco label. It shows the world that we've done our homework and created a product that's thoughtful and sustainable. We love Aotearoa and we want to protect it - and we want to protect our VIPs (that's you!) too. And that's why we created Accell Clean - a gentle yet effective solution.

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For home and everyday use we recommend Accell Clean #1 or #2. But if you’re doing What heavy duty cleaning or using it in a high-traffic commercial environment then try #3. The strongest Accell Clean solutions are still the same plant-based green-tick product but are more suitable to tackle grease and dirt. And it's available in a 5L concentrate, which makes it super economical for businesses who deep clean routinely.

Quick and easy green cleaning tips to make your home or office a little more eco-friendly...

  • You don't need a cupboard full of products - a good multi-purpose cleaner like Accell Clean will tackle a range of jobs.
  • Ditch single-use wipes and paper towel in favour of good ol' fashion cloths. Wash and re-use. Easy.
  • Save old newspaper to clean windows and glass (try it!).
  • Sunshine and fresh air are your friends. Place items out in bright light to help disinfect and open windows and create a cross-breeze to improve ventilation.

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