We provide products with a difference for the good health of our customers

We're a proud New Zealand small business made up of kiwis who care. Through us, you can access products and services not normally found at your local pharmacy. We know what works - we've worked in hospitals and on healthcare front lines - and we can tell a passing fad from a truly innovative game-changer. So it's become our mission to hunt out these game-changing products on your behalf. It's harder than it sounds; big pharma and modern marketing are crowding the shelves with wellness products. But you can be assured that if it's in our range then it's one of those rare gems, a specialist product with a difference, which has the power to improve your health or quality of life. We deliver great products and services with open friendliness and professionalism - because you are our VIP!

VIPCare founder and director Jenni Falconer works with her small team, based in Hamilton, to deliver premium health related products and services. With 20+ years in healthcare (including senior nursing leadership and operational managment roles) Jenni has a passion for not only health but innovation and improvement in the wider sense.

What we stand for

Good Health

We believe that good health is the ultimate wealth. And we wish nothing less for every one of our clients.

Open Friendliness

We're down to earth people with a desire to do good. Business doesn't have to be a bore; we enjoy a good laugh too!


We're not in the business of selling any old products; we have professional integrity to maintain and conduct robust quality assurance accordingly.


If we wouldn't use it on ourselves or a loved one then we won't recommend it to you. We want only the best for our VIPs (that's you!).


We challenge the status quo and find new and better ways to tackle old health concerns.

Proudly kiwi owned and operated

New Zealanders caring for New Zealanders

Our friendly team are here to help

The friendly VIP Care team