Specialist cleaning services

Our VIPClean team are no ordinary cleaners. They're a highly organised meticulous crew that tackle specialist cleaning jobs. We use premium products, innovative techniques and good old fashion elbow grease to get your facility or equipment clean, hygiene and in good working order.

Builders' clean

Our specialist cleaning services are the final touch for new builds. For new owners moving into their home, knowing that it has been expertly sanitised and polished, inside and out, is the icing on the cake. Our new build service usually includes two cleans: an initial builder's clean plus a final clean before handover.

We pay extra attention to the details including:

  • Cleaning window interior and exteriors
  • Wiping down all walls ensuring everything is mark free
  • Clean and polish joinery and tracks
  • Clean and polish all skirting boards, sills and trims
  • All doors and hardware cleaned and polished
  • Light switches and power points cleaned
  • Full kitchen cabinetry and appliance clean
  • Full bathroom and laundry clean including fittings and mirrors
  • Garage and store clean
  • Hard floors mopped and carpets vacuumed
  • Any rubbish removed and remaining build materials kept aside
  • Check for any sign of insects and cobwebs removed
  • Entrance to the home cleaned and polished
  • Full house sanitise with specialist product
  • Sample products left for the homeowners
  • Note taken of any repairs required or damages seen

Healthy schools, childcare and education facilities

Education enables growth and development. But, with student traffic, educational facilities can be a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. Germs can stay active on surfaces for days or weeks (or even years!) waiting to be spread from surface-to-surface and person-to-person. Our sanitisation services ("fogging") eliminate these germs and are particularly popular with early childhood centres and education providers. We offer one-off outbreak control for centres and schools that have a known contagion. And routine fogging (recommended 2 - 3 times per year) for centres that want to maintain optimal hygiene at all times.

Fogging is used for infection control and maintenance of healthy communal areas:

  • Effective, economical way of applying surface protectant to large areas
  • Covers all surfaces including walls, floors, furniture, door handles, light switches, toilets, toys and resources
  • Used for prevention, protection and recovery from germs and illness
  • Anti-microbial technology works by bonding to surfaces to create a protective shield that continuously kills germs for an extended period
  • Internationally tested and proven effective against 99.99% of germs
  • Safe and non-toxic with NZ food safety approval (including direct food contact)
  • Effective against dangerous pathogens including bacteria, viruses, mould and fungi
  • Can be applied during low traffic times (weekends) for your convenience

Soft furnishing cleans

If your facility or home has soft furnishings that come in contact with little ones then you'll probably be used to attempting to spot clean and remove stains. But do your couches, chairs, cushions and rugs get a regular deep clean? Are they hygienic? Protect against contagions like Hand Foot & Mouth and Impetigo by having your soft furnishings professionally cleaned and sanitised.

We use a home-grown cleaning product that's tough on grime yet gentle on users. The Accell Clean range contains plant-based surfactants, complex proteins and NZ water. There are no nasty hidden additives and it's safe for use around young children.

Price will depend on volume and type of furniture to be cleaned.Please contact us for a customised quote.

Baby carrier cleans

Child restraints need to be cleaned meticulously, in accordance with manufacturers instructions, to maintain integrity and prolong their life. We dissemble all parts to ensure a thorough clean and take care to reassemble them again like new. We never use chemicals on plastic or metal components that could be weakened and all of our cleaning products are low pH with no added perfumes or additives.

Busy mums can drop off their carriers for a professional clean at our Tamahere headquarters. We understand that it’s tricky to be without it for long, so we recommend dropping your child(ren) at care first and opting for the premium clean, which guarantees same-day service. We’re happy to take group bookings from early childhood centres or coffee groups (please ensure you book in advance).